IU - Cruel Fairy Tales

I really, really loves this!!!!

Somehow, it reminds me of Tim Burton's dark movies. I could actually imagine Johnny Depp in some kind of weird costumes with his evil smile and trying to get to those 5 fairy princesses...hehe..

Oh, yeah!!! Did I mention that in IU - Cruel Fairy Tales, there are actually 5 hidden fairy tales?? Yes, if you look closely at the lyrics, there are Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Little Mermaid. As for the last one, song writer Kim Eana left it for us to guess. And i personally think it would be Sleeping Beauty...

Lyrics: IU - Cruel Fairy Tales

When this night passes
You will come to wake me
By stepping on the tears I shed one by one

(This would be Hansel and Gretel)

When that door opens
The light will reach me
And forever after
I will live happily


When the clock rings 12
I’ll awake from my dreams
And amidst the blessings of others
We will be dancing together


I breathe (You will never know)
I am alive (Everyone fails to love)
I can believe in at least that truth

Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

Maybe because the road that leads to me is perilous
You are lost
But one day, I will be smiling
as I fall asleep in your arms

(Sleeping Beauty)

I cannot go (I will never know)
In case you cannot find me (Everyone tells me so)
In case this wait bursts like a bubble

(Little Mermaid)

So, what do you think?? Is it Sleeping Beauty??

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  1. i like the song...the rhythm is kindda like gothic style...

  2. sooooo true!!!!
    when i first heard this, it's kinda give me goosebumps, but then i became addicted to this song...haha!!

  3. wow what a good song..and with her sweet voice..its kinda eery too..XDD really a good song..its like waking me up from a dream while in it..