All about Thai Lakorns series...

I love these videos!!! Very much because i agree on the scenes that Pangiaxiong display. Yup, if you watch lakorns, you will find these scenes in almost every lakorn. It's like...the scenes MUST be there to make it a lakorn. And believe it or not, i'm loving every single of it (ok, not the attempted R scene, of course...) Haha!!! =)

Personally, i love the romantic and sweet scenes between Prang'ek and Nang'ek. And sometimes they are very hilarious. But when the Prang'ek get jealous (i don't know why, but they surely get jealous easily), they scared the hell out of me!! Well, the cute-style jealous is very fine for me, but the sadistic jealous is....well, very disturbing. Watch Sawan Biang and you'll know what i mean..hehe...

Whatever it is, i still LOVE lakorns!!!! =)

Credits to Pangiaxiong for the videos. You made very interesting videos, thanks dear!!!

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