Wayupak Montra aka Wayupak's Enchantment

~Wayupak Montra~

This is the 4th and last story of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountain) series. Boy is not really my type of Pra’ek, actually. But he‘s a decent actor. He scared the hell out of me in Fai Ruk Arsoon with Vicky. Even Kawee in Sawan Biang and Harit in Jam Loey Ruk are less scary than him..hehe. I like Margie, though. I’ve seen her in few lakorns, and she has this something about her that made me like her. And not to mention, she has beautiful long legs. Lucky her…hehe

So, what is it all about?


~Lom and Kati~

Lom (Boy) is a well-known playboy among Adisuan quadruplet. One day, he met Kati (Margie) who claimed that there is a ghost on his back (the scene reminded me of The Shutter with Ananda Averingam). Lom did not believe her and assumed that she was cursing him. Kati turned out to be a famous romance writer. She was doing her research in Lom’s vineyard. The more they see each other, the more they dislike each other.

However, when Lom was getting weaker and weaker, Kati tried to save him. Kati was actually the daughter of a sorcerer and has the ability to see spirits. Throughout the session with Kati, their relationship gets closer and Lom fell for her. Unfortunately, the barrier for them was bigger than they could ever imagine. Not to mention, there’s a ghost they need to fight. And now it’s time for Lom to fight, not only for the sake of his life, but also for Kati's.

The trailer:

~credit to Wishboniko~

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  1. tolong la tgok roy marn..couple ni gak blakon..best sgt2..trsgt2!!!! arghh..best..xtau nk ckp,pling best pnah tgok

    1. itulah, roy marn dh lm ada dalam to be watch list..hehe...dh tgk sikit hri tu, nanti nk smbg blk...=)

    2. kt mana nk tgk roy marn eng sub complete?

    3. ada kat youtube. try search...=)