I finally finished watching Wanida last week. Honestly I started watching it 2 months ago, but I stopped in the middle because of Jam Leuy Ruk (feel like watching it again when I saw Aff..hehe), and also because of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao. And now I feel a little guilty for leaving Tik…haha!!!

Wanida…well, I can say that it is a very good period lakorn. I just love Aff dresses, especially the blue one in the scene where the evil mother was finally exposed. The dress was beautiful!!! It perfectly matched the necklace and Aff looked gorgeous in it.

Tik as Khun Prajak remind me of “The Princess” with Aom Phiyada. I still prefer “The Princess” uniform, though. Whatever it is, Tik still looked handsome. Well, he’s aged a little but he is still my best Pra’ek..hehe.. And after few years absent from lakorn (his last lakorn was Kaew Tah Pee), Tik definitely has not lost his charm as the best Pra’ek.

So what is this lakorn all about?


~Khun Prajak and Wanida~

Wanida (Aff) is the daughter of Dao, a loan shark. She is beautiful, lovely, brave and strong-will. Mejar Prajuab Mahasak (Tik) who came from the noble family Mahasak is a kind-hearted man, a very good son and a family man. The two met in an accident and quickly develop dislike feeling for each other, due to their very contrast personality. However, fate seems to have its own plan for them.

Lek, Khun Prajak’s brother borrowed some money from Dao and was unable to pay the debt. Dao gave him a condition for him to marry his daughter to cancel the debt. However, Lek ran away and left Khun Prajak to replace him. Without knowing anything, Wanida agreed to the wedding and then their chaotic marriage finally begins...

The trailer:

~Credits to wishboniko~

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