Semporna Pics

Some photos from my Semporna trip
I'm telling you, the place is beautiful...i just love the ocean!!!!

The fishermen boat, the big building is the hotel where i stayed...

The view from our hotel window, i think this was few minutes after sunrise...

Houses along the beach

The ocean is so blue, this was taken before the rain...

See, it is so blue and so clear...makes me wanna jump into the water..haha!!

The local kids, the sea people. But i don't think they are Bajau Laut. They actually lives in the middle of the ocean and i doubt if these kids has ever landed their feet on the mainland..

The market. Honestly, i was kinda excited to see the market and the town. For me, they are like...hmmmm, traditional??

The Tourism Centre...see the sign board "Welcome to Semporna Ocean Tourism Centre"

I'm not sure what that round place is for, but this is beautiful...=)

The floating chalet (not really floating actually, hehe..)

I would love to go to these places again, and next time i would definitely go to Sipadan Island, Mabul Island and Kapalai Island!!!

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