The scariest thing that ever happened to me

It was in my second year in university. As one of the facilitators for the juniors, I was placed in the highest floor of the hostel. And I was the only one live there for one whole week before the juniors started coming in.

On that day, I was moving my stuffs into the room. I switched on the fan and started to clean the place. Then, I heard some noise which I just ignored and started to squat to clean something on the floor. Out of the blue, the fan fell on me. Yes, that moving fan actually fell right on me!!!

I was lucky that I was squatting when the incident happened and there was a bed beside me. So basically, the fan fell on the bed and me. If I was standing at the time, I don’t know what had happened to me. Well, let’s not imagine it…

The blades hit me but it was not too bad. Just a little cut and bruises on my back and my shoulder. But it was seriously the biggest shock in my whole life. I mean, what’s the chance of you getting hit by a moving fan?? 5 out of 100??? And I still remember how scared I was and I was all shivering when my friends found me…

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  1. sara..saya ingat jugak kejadian tersebut...hahahhaha

  2. haha, sy mmg x leh lupa....
    trauma kot!!! haha