Pathapee Leh Rak aka Pathapee's Love Trick

~Pathapee Leh Rak~

This is the 3rd story of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountain) series. Mark is here!!! Gosh, i just love him. I think he has this good boy look, all innocent and he makes me wanna be his elder sister and protect him, though obviously a judo fighter like him doesn't need anyone to protect him...haha!!! =)

About Mint, i've never watched her in any lakorn before. Seriously i think i have to start watching newbies nang'ek. My nang'ek has always been...well, either Aom, Cherry, Ann, Aff, Kob, and then Aom again, Ann again, Aff again......and again and again...hehe..

Well, Mint is cute. You know, she is mixed between Chinese Thai and India. But for me, she looks a little bit like Japanese...hehe


~Din and Chae-aim~

Din (Mark) is the owner of Tararin Resort which is the best in the area. He is known for his very sharp eyes and he always goes around the resort making sure of no trouble. One day, he meets a suspicious person who trespasses the resort and that person turns out to be Chae-aim (Mint). Their first meeting started with them quarrel and yelling at each other (in contrast to Din's calm personality).

Chae-aim is indeed the daughter of Tararin's rival. She is instructed by her father to destroy Tararin as a condition to be accepted by him. And in doing so, she asked for a job in Tararin. Though being suspicious of her, Din accepts her. For Chae-aim, the mission of destroying Tararin finally begins. And for Din, the mission of revealing her hidden agenda is now started.

Their bold game finally tangles them with the thread of destiny, as Din and Chae-aim falls for each other. And now it's time for Din to fight for his own rival's daughter...

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~credit to Wishboniko~

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