My Semporna Experience

Thanks to my boss i had a chance to go to Semporna, 2 weeks ago. i really wished it was for vacation, though...hehe
then i can go snorkeling, scuba diving, and shopping!!!!

ok, back to reality...
i was there for works, i mean lots of works..
the schedule was so tight that we don't even have time to go for a little tour to Sipadan Island...
huwaaa!!!! Sipadan was so near and yet so far...=(

i went to several islands, though...for works, i repeat for works...meaning no snorkeling, no scuba diving, just works...hehe
and we rode 3 boats, the big, the small and the smallest
and the best part of all is was raining!!!
yes, it was raining on our way back to the jetty
i was in the middle of the ocean, on a small speed boat, under the rain, and of course the waves!!!
the waves was getting bigger and bigger, and i was all wet not because of the rain, but because of the waves....and it was salty!!! hehe...

when we were safely reached the jetty, my colleague kept telling me....
"OMG, Sara!!!! That was scary!!!! That was just scary!!!"
and i was like..."huh?? scary?? yes, it was scary..."
but in my mind..."i was supposed to be scared, wasn't i? but just now, i was excited!!!" =)

overall, the trip was okay...
besides finishing the job given by my big boss, at least i could see Semporna, went to several islands, meet the locals and ate Sabah foods...

oh, yeah!! i might be going there again for my outstation...
and i might go to Kuching, too
haha, i love my job!!!! =)

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