The Man From Nowhere aka Ahjussi

I slept at 2.30 am, last night and it was all because of Ahjussi. Yes, that Won Bin Ahjussi, the handsome ahjussi..hehe.. I was finally able to watch it. Yay!!! You have no idea how much I wanted to watch it. It had been on my ‘must watch’ list since it was first introduced.


“Ahjussi, you came to save me, right??”

Man from nowehere aka Ahjussi tells a story of a pawn shop owner, Chae Tae Sik and his neighbour, a girl named Somee. Chae is a lone ranger with a very mysterious personality. He never smiles and always has sadness in his eyes. Somee, on the other hand is a very cheerful girl despite her hardship. Though Chae has always been cold to her, she always tries to get close to him.

One fateful night turns their lives into a nightmare. Somee’s mother was killed and Somee, being at the wrong place and at the wrong time was kidnapped. Chae who tried to save her, was suddenly involved in the world of gangsters, drugs and organ harvesting. As times clicking, Somee became more and more in danger. And Chae would do anything to save her, his only neighbour...

What I like about this film is the relationship between Chae Tae Sik and Somee. Though Chae seems cold, he actually cares so much about Somee, enough to sacrifice everything for her. Usually, we see this kind of relationship between a leading man and his leading woman. So the story would be something like hero saves his girlfriend/wife. So stereotype... But Ahjussi is about a man and a kid. We can see the fatherly love here. The kind of love that is so pure and so beautiful…

One scene that really touched my heart was when Somee cried and asked Chae if he is embarrassed of her, and that’s why he turned his back on her. And then she told him that she would never hate him. The scene was really sad.

One more scene that affected me was when the bad guy told Chae that they killed Somee and took her eyes out. Chae was so sad and angry and said “Do you have gold teeth? I have pawn shop, I accept gold teeth. Except for gold teeth, I will chew everything on you!!!!”

In both scenes, we can feel the love they had for each other. Somee being the sweet girl would never be able to hate Chae no matter what he did. Chae being an ex-special agent who lost into his dark world would kill anyone who dares to even touch a strand of Somee’s hair. The way of them showing their love is different, but the love is there…

Oh, yeah!! A little reminder..

For those who hate gross-kind of film, you better think twice before watching this. I’m telling you, the blood, and the killing scenes are totally bloody. All the time I watched it, I was like.."OMG!!", "Ewwww…", "That’s gross!!"

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  1. Aha, i love this movie too..Won bin is so hot!! And i also wrote this movie in my blog. hehehe

  2. Owh, really?? It's the best K-movie, rite?? It's an epic!!!

    p/s: Won Bin is definitely one hot ahjussi, haha!! =)