Duang Jai Akkanee aka The Heart of Akkanee

~Duang Jai Akkanee~

This is the 2nd story of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountain) series. It's the cute hate/love story between Nadech and Yaya. These two are just sooooooo funny!!!! And Yaya is too cute!! I love her and i love her hair...=)

So, time for the synopsis!!!


Fai (Nadech) and Jeed (Yaya) are born- enemies since they were kids because of the conflinct between their father's generation. When their parents were young, Jeed's father love Fai's mother, but Fai's mother chose Fai's father, which left Jeed's father heartbroken and became their enemy.

As for Fai and Jeed, they grew up being rival to each other. Both of them takes care of their own dairy farm, which is separated by a white fence as the border. They often quarrel and fight, and they hate each other so much. At least, that was what they thought....for the truth is, they are in love with each other. A friend's wedding finally get these two stubborn people close as Jeed is asked to be the bridesmaid and Fai as the best man. As they prepare for the wedding, they get close and finally confessed to each other.

However, the biggest barrier awaits them, for Jeed's father would never approve of her relationship with Fai. And now it's time for Fai to fight for his heart...

The trailer:

~credit to wishboniko~

oh, yeah!!! moral of this story...
be careful with whom you hate, for it might me your soul mate..haha!!! that's why people said...don't hate because when you hate someone, you actually place that person in your heart, without even realizing it....

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