Daisy means 'Hidden Love'

I watched Daisy again, for how many times already. The film has always been my favourite k-movie, yes..that tear jerking film is my favourite. I still remember the first time i watched it...i was in my first year at uni. It was in the middle of the night and i was all alone in my room, with the silence and serene atmosphere...and then i cried like crazy!!! Seriously Daisy is just too sad....and i still cried every time i watched it...huhu


Daisy tells the story of an assassin, a street painter and an Interpol agent. Hye-Young is a Korean girl who works at her grandfather's antique shop and also a street painter. Everyday at 4.15 pm, she would receive a pot of daisy which means 'Hidden Love'. Though she has never meet the sender, she knew that he would be the same person who build a bridge for her, and she gave him a potrait of daisy in return.

Unknowing to her, the Daisy guy has always been close to her. He smiles when she smiles, he watches her from afar, he imitates her action and he is definitely in love with her. And that Daisy guy turns out to be Park-Yi, a professional hired assassin.

One day, Hye-Young meets Jeong-woo who happens to be holding a pot of daisy. Assuming that he is the secret admirer, they build a relationship. However, Jeong-woo is actually an Interpol agent who is tracking criminals, and more precisely tracking Park-Yi. He does not tells her the truth that he is not the man she has been looking for as he is also falling for Hye-Young.

A twist of fate then brought Park-Yi to reveal himself to Hye-Young. He becomes her friend, trying to make her happy and secretly loving her. And when the truth about his identity is finally revealed, it is already too late for both Hye-Young and Park-Yi....

The MV...the song is so sad!!

~credit to the owner of this vid~

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