Thara Himalaya

~Thara Himalaya~

This is the 1st part of 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao (4 Hearts of the Mountain) series. It’s the love story between Nam (Kimberly) and Prince Phuwanet/Pupen (Aum Atichart). Aum is overly, overly handsome here!!! Seriously, I’ve watched him in lots of lakorns before, but as Prince Phuwanet/Pupen, I would say that he’s 2 times, maybe 3 times hotter and handsome…haha!!! I think it’s because of his noble looks and attitude (which is definitely in contrast to the sadist Harit in Jam Leuy Ruk).

So, what is it all about??


~Prince Phuwanet and Nam~

On the day of his visit to Thailand, Prince Phuwanet Wasuthep Sriwasatara Rajaput (it cracks me up every time Aum mentioned his very, very long name over and over again..hehe), the crown prince of Parawat was attacked by the rebels who tried to assassinate him. He survived, thanks to his royal bodyguard, Rajeev and was sent to the hospital where he met Nam, his doctor. Though he told Nam over and over again that he was Prince Phuwanet, Nam refused to believe and considered him as having amnesia. Well, cannot blame Nam coz' there was a fake prince taking over his role as the crown prince. As instructed by Rajeev, Prince Phuwanet went to hide himself, got a new name, Pupen which was given by Nam and asked Nam for a job. He got a job under Fai (which Fai VERY reluctantly gave him).

As the triplets were trying to get rid of Nat, Nam’s co-worker who liked her, Pupen and Nam’s relationship blossomed beautifully. Considering that Pupen was mute (Nam asked him to act mute) and Nam’s patient and just a worker at the stable, the triplets could not see through their relationship until it was too late. Nam was head over heels in love with Pupen and so did Pupen. But when the truth about Pupen's identity was finally revealed, it was the time for Nam to fight for her love and it was the time for the triplets to protect their only sister....

The trailer:

~credit to Wishboniko~

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  1. i love this drama Thara Himalai, Aum and Kim are so sweet together...

  2. me too!!! they are so sweet!! =)

  3. suka Aum dlm n..sgt2 kacak..mmg layak jd prince name pupen tu lg comel..hahaha

    1. mmg sgt kacak...haha!!! kan? pupen tu mmg comel. tambah2 bila dia pakai t-shirt tu...lawak je...=)

    2. pupen mmg comel bila pakai t-shirt tu sara..nak p tempah la satu utk pupen saya..hahaha

      p/s: dah abes tgk siri n...sambung ngan Duangjai Akkanee lak...tak sabar nk tgk yaya&nadech lak..msti lg comel(^__^)