When money is never enough

It has been 1 year and 6 months since I’ve started working. Thinking back, what have I gain in these 18 months?? Working experiences is definitely!! And what else??? Money!!! Yes, money. Even if you said that the reason for you working is because of your passion for the works, you still cannot deny that you work for the money. After all, money is essential in life, for us to live. I make myself sounds like a materialistic person, right? But I won’t deny that I need money.

After 1 year working, I’ve saved enough to buy a car. Yay!!! I have my own property that I get because of my own hard works. Seriously! The feeling of getting something after working hard for it is the best feeling!!! And now, the monthly payment comes into the picture…one more thing to be added in my monthly budget. And when thinks about budget, there comes house rental, PTPTN, bills, insurance premium, allowance for my parents, and of course car loan payment, which total up more than half of my monthly salary. So this is when you feel like money is never enough.

So what to do?? Asking money from your parents?? Maybe, but how long they have to support you? Isn’t it time to take responsibilities on you? So I think the best solution would be financial planning; planning your finance. If you asked some financial consultants, they would say that every month you need to save at least 10% of your monthly salary. And if you can save more than that, then it would be better. But the problem is can you be discipline enough to NOT withdraw the money? It’s for you to ask yourself…

If you’re not discipline enough, there are actually few options out there….

1) Auto deduct saving. Actually this is just the term that I used. I think the bankers would have better name for this. Basically, it’s something like you asked bank to automatically deduct few portion of your salary into saving account. And you cannot withdraw it in certain period of times.

2) Insurance + medical card + saving. It’s the insurance which covers protection for you, together with medical card and also few percent of the premium goes to saving account.

I’m not a financial consultant. So these are two ways that I know, besides trying to NOT shopping too much, cut cost on certain things etc...

~doesn't sometimes you wish you have this in your backyard??? hehe~

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