What’s with guys and cats???

Ok, recently I’ve known so many guys with cats...

1) Our very famous Jaejoong and Junsu. These two hot guys posted photos of their cats in Twitter and everytime they posted the photo, I think all their fan girls scream…."Owh, soooooo cute!!!!! Kawaii!!!" (And that’s including me…hehe..)

~kya!!!! adorable!!!~

~Junsu and his cat~
all photos are credited to Jae Joong and Junsu's twitter

2) Lawrence Wong with his very adorable Eskybaby. Frankly speaking, I don’t really know this guy even though he’s an actor in Malaysia and Singapore. I’m sure he’s famous but me being ME equals to not knowing Malaysian Chinese actors/actresses..hehe.. I love his blog, though. I like his way of thinking; very positive and it seems that he really enjoyed his works..=) And guess what?? I like him more because he loves Eskybaby so much. They are too cute!!!

~Lawrence and Eskybaby~
credit to his twitter

3) The guy in front of my house and the guy one floor below my house. I don’t personally know them but I know they have cats. I’ve seen them looking for their cats once they get back from work; it's like a father looking for his babies…haha!!!

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