Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter aka Tomorrow I’ll Still Love You

~Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter~

If you’re a fan of Aom Phiyada, I bet you’ve watched this tear jerking lakorn. And though I’m not really a fan of Pong, I have to admit that he’s very good as the overly jealousy Pra'ek. It’s like he can act through his eyes. He just have to look or stare and we would know what he feels inside. And believe me, he freaked me out when he showed his jealous expression. That’s how good he was in this lakorn..

And as of Aom Phiyada, it’s Aom Phiyada!!! One of the most talented actress in Thailand. I love her ever since her lakorn with Khun Tik in ‘Roy Leh Saneh Rai’ and ‘Leud Kattiya aka The Princess’. And also in ‘Ruk Tur Took Wan’ with Ken. Basically, I just love her!! Hehe…

Actually, I considered this lakorn as ‘heavy’ lakorn. I mean it’s a lakorn with too much tears, too much conflicts, too much angst, too much bad people (4 bad people). But of course I still like it (though I skipped some of the parts…hehe..).

The overall synopsis:

Por (Pong) and Kaew (Aom) were two happy lovers planning to get married. However, one tragedy strikes and changed their life forever. Pong’s sister killed Kaew’s sister thinking that she had an affair with her husband (though obviously its her husband who was trying to rape Kaew’s sister.) Their love was torn apart as Kaew unwillingly broke up with Por, leaving him heartbroken.

After 6 years, they met again. Por became Kaew’s boss. With a heart filled of hatred (actually love) towards Kaew, he tried to make her life miserable; only ended up falling more and more for her. And as for Kaew, her heart has always been for
Por, the only man she has ever loved. However, their family would never approve their relationship. And not to mention, Por’s current girlfriend and Kaew’s possessive admirer made things worst than ever.

Things became more complicated when the brother of Por’s brother-in-law (the brother of that evil husband), Pee (Oh Anuchyd) falls for Kaew’s only brother, Kong (Fluke). Knowing that their relationship would be severed if their family knows about Pee’s real identity, both Pee and Kong hides the truth from Kaew and her mother; only to be cruelly separated in the end

~Por and Kaew~

Frankly speaking, I love this lakorn not because of Pong and Aom. It’s P’Oh and Fluke that caught my attention. Ok, don’t misunderstand me, I’m not into yaoi aka boys love. But, they were just too cute!!! I can’t help it…hehe.. Their love is just simple, sweet and beautiful. I just love it when P’Oh (Pee) teased Fluke (Kong) knowing that Kong will be overly reacted to him (in a cute way, of course..hehe). And the way Pee loves Kong is just beautiful. You can see the love in his eyes everytime he looked at Kong and just how much he wanted to protect him. They seriously made me laughed and cried together with them.

~Pee and Kong~

And because of this Pee, P’Oh Anuchyd became my new heartthrob…haha!! Can you believe he’s actually 31 yrs old in real life?? I thought he was 25 or 26. So, when I first found out about his age, I was like “Ehhhhhhh???” Ok, I’m so jealous with those baby-faced people. And also, P’Oh got cute teeth…haha!! =)

~owh, it's P'Oh!!!!!!!!!~

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  1. pee and kong .... both can be the best actor of the year .... how see how pee act .. so natural and sentimental..... he does not have to say much in his act ... but his eyes and gesture really tells the audience what he want to say .... i respect these 2 fabulous Thai actors.......

  2. u r sooo right!!! pee is such a talented actor, he can act through his eyes and gestures, and i can't understand why P'Oh has nvr became the main p'raek..=(
    as for fluke, he's such a great actor that i almost cannot believe that it was his first time acting...

  3. Jadi intinya ini film gay apa bukan ya ?
    Di Indonesia ada gak ya dvdnya,

  4. I'm sorry, I guess this blog from indonesia,my country.
    so I use Indonesian,so no need anymore to answer my question

  5. @andri sutianto: oh, it's okay. i do understand indonesian since i'm from malaysia..=)

    and the answer is...nope, it's not really gay film...since the main actor/actress are actually pong/aum. the love story between kong/pee is just a side story. and not really touch too much on the boys love...

  6. oh haha it sounds nice film,,thank you very much for answering my question.
    Assalamualaikum Sara,are you muslim right ? mee too and i proud :D

  7. nice drama.. already watched it in youtube.. right now just buy Aom old lakorn(the princess)online.. sejujurnya lakorn lama2 kebanyakkannnya lagi best dr lakorn2 baru.. too much drama n dragging giler...


  9. When i finish watched this lakorn.I became fan of Oh and Fluke ^^ Love this lakorn so much

  10. definitely this is a drama that gives a lot of love, thanks to O and Fluke

  11. I have been searching for a fanfic in English about Pee and Kong, but I couldn't find one, so I decided to write one myself. I hope you like it.