The Other Side of Me

Somebody once told me..”You are childish and matured”. It’s contradictory, right? I mean, how can somebody be childish and at the same time matured?? And then he told me that the way I talked with all the smiling and laughing looks like childish, but the content of the conversation and the way of my thinking is totally mature. Should I be contented with the comment? Can I consider that as a compliment?? Hehe…

Somehow, I think he’s quite right. In fact, I am very firm and strict. Among my siblings, I’m the scariest sister. It’s unbelievable, right?? Haha!! =) Maybe because I rarely get angry. So once I’m angry, I’ll turn into the worst sister ever!!! Even worst than Cinderella’s stepsisters, maybe??? Haha!! Ok, that’s just me being exaggerated..hehe.. My elder sister always tells me that I’m very scary when I get upset. She said that I don’t have to say anything, but stare at them. One stare is enough to give them goosebumps. Seriously, why does she have to describe it as if I’m a Medusa?? Haha!!!

And of course, I cannot deny that. I have this kind of mentality; “just because you are a kid, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want to do”. Basically, kids are definitely not to be spoiled!! And when I said “No”, that’s mean a big NO with 10 exclaimation marks..NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha..

I make myself sounds scary, right?? Hehe..But, don’t worry. Though I’m very firm towards them, I love them as much as I love myself. And I’m sure they love me too (at least that’s what they told me)..haha!!

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