My two sweethearts...=)

Last night I called home and talked to my 2 little heroes. Anas got no. 1 in his class (like always). And I promised him to give him present. And you know what he said?? “Thanks, Ngah!!! But please stop giving me new clothes or shoes…” Seriously, is that what I always give him??? Maybe, besides toys…haha!! And now, I have to think of the best presents for him. Hmmm….no more toys, no more apparel, so maybe I can give him…books??

And when I talked to Hakeem, he made me laughed so much with his very good use of proper Malay…hehe..And he is such a sweetie. He told me about some dishes our mum cooked, and how delicious it is as curry. And when I playfully asked him if would it be good as hot and spicy, he said “Oh, I don’t know..” Well, of course he doesn’t know!! He never eat spicy stuffs, chilies are like taboo for him…hehe.. But what he said next really surprised me…”When you came back, I’ll tell mother to cook it spicy because you love spicy foods, right??” Owh, isn’t he sweet???? He knows what I like and even though he doesn’t like spicy foods, he would purposely ask our mum to cook it for me. Seriously, I was touched by him!!!

Owh, writing about them is making me miss them more and more...=(

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