My Confession

I found this in 'My Documents'. Wow!! I used to write such cheesy poem...haha!!!


Don’t ask me to say I love you
For love is not to be said
It is to be shown by action
And to be felt by heart

Don’t ask me why I love you
For there would be no reason
For there won’t be enough reasons
For me to love you

That smile of yours
That laughter of yours
That tears of happiness when you are happy
I would protect them for as long as I’m alive
I would risk my life so that you won’t lost them

That pain of yours
That tears of suffering when you are sad
I would take them away from you
And put them on my shoulder
As I won’t feel that pain
Because when you are there
The pain is as beautiful as happiness

~Sara Aisha, 11/05/08~

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