my 10/10/10 birthday..=)

It’s 10/10/10 and you know what??? It’s my birthday!!!!! Honestly, I’ve never been so excited with my own birthday but this year is different. There’s no need for me to tell you why, right? It just soooo obvious!!! Haha!!!

10/10/10…hmmm, the number is perfect, don’t you think so?? No wonder I’ve always like the number 10…=) People said, the date means perfection. Is that mean I’m perfect??? Haha!!

My 10/10/10 birthday won’t be perfect without any birthday party, right?? Wait, can I even consider it as birthday party??? Coz’ there were only 4 of us (thanks to my family living so far away in Kelantan and most of my friends all over Malaysia but Shah Alam..huhu..) But it was still the best!!!! Thanks to my sis, Evon and Rose….you gurls rocks and I love u!!!! Lots of kisses for you….mmmmmmmmmmuahhhhh!!! hahaha!! =)

And now, I can’t wait for my birthday presents. My family promised me…hehe..You guys promised me so I’m soooo gonna make you keep your promise…haha!!! Even my lovey-dovey-cutie-pie Hakeem promised me that he would give me present. Isn’t he sweet??? Hahaha!!!

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  1. My Birthday was also on 10/10/10 its 10/10/1986.
    You can cont me on
    Nice to meet you.

  2. owh, really???
    nice to meet u...=)