Have you ever won lucky draw for 3 weeks in a row??? Well, not me of course. In my whole life, I only won once and I got a toaster (which I really need at that time…hehe) The lucky person would be my sis. Can you believe that??? She won lucky draw for 3 weeks in a row!!! And that’s what I called LUCKY…haha!!!

So, have anyone told you that you’re lucky?? As for me, that would be lots!!! Seriously, people keep telling me..”Sara, you’re so lucky”…And yes, I do agree with that.

I’m lucky to have such perfect parents who stand by my side and support me in whatever I did. Ibu and Papa, they are truly my guardian angels. And I’m lucky to have such a great elder sister, Aishah. She always make me laugh though she’s different from me with her clumsy and fussy nature (and she seriously loves nagging at me…hahaha!!) But for me, she’s like my other
half who completed myself.

And I’m lucky to have my 6 younger brothers and sisters. They make my life so beautiful with their different personality. My 21-yr old brother, Zubair who sometimes acts like my older brother…(Seriously!!! He makes me feel as if I’m his younger sister..haha!!) My 18-yr old sis, Dyra who sometimes makes me worried with her too active personality. And she talks a lot!! My 16-yr old sis, Anne who makes me laughs a lot with her ‘just because I’m a girl, that doesn’t mean you can bully me…’ personality. I’m telling you, she’s very strong…haha!!! And my 14-yr old sis, Maryam…well, she’s just too cute!!! I love giving her something pink and fluffy and cute as presents and she would say ‘Ngah, stop giving me something like this. I’m big enough…” Of course, I can’t stop…haha!!! For me, she’s still the same cute girl from years ago.

And when I think of my 8-yr old little hero, Anas.. the word that came up to me would be perfectionist. He tends to get stressed when he got wrong answer for his homework, he perfectly keeps his stuffs in place and he always make sure that he would be one of the top students in class. 8-yr old and you wanted to be the top student??? Wow!!! As for my 6-yr old cutie-pie, Hakeem.. the words for him are naughty and playful!!! And when he talked, he always made us amazed. He used the proper Malay with very nice sentences as if there’s a DBP software installed in his head…haha!!! And whenever I see them both, I just feel like hugging them and kissing them and pinch their cheeks. Scary sis, right??? Hahaha!!!! =)

And I’m certainly lucky for having good friends. My long time bestfriend, Imah whom I know since 13 years ago is like a keeper of my childhood moments. Though we lives so far away right know, she is always in my heart. Ok, that’s cheesy…haha!!! And my close school friends; Ain, Raihana, Salwa, Yanie, Wanie, Qilah and Dihan. I’m glad we are still keeping in touch...(though we have lost contact with Qilah and Dihan). And of course I’m glad with my role of being the organizer for our reunion…haha!! =) Also, I’m lucky to have my uni good friends; you know who you are…so, there’s no need to mention your name here, right? Hehehe..

I guess for me Lucky means Love. The feeling of being loved and loving someone else is something that is so precious. It makes you feel alive and that you’re actually living…

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