How to be a happy SINGLE

Are you single?? Just broke up with your BF/GF? Don’t be sad, let’s be a happy SINGLE!!! And before that, let’s start with how I ended up writing this entry…

Ok, I have this friend. She has been in few relationships (almost 10 actually) which sadly ended up in a heartbreaking “Let’s break up…” and now she keeps blabbering about how boring she is for not having a BF. It’s like ‘I need a guy to be happy…” Hey, lady!!! That’s wrong!!!

So, how to be a happy SINGLE???

1) Build a close relationship with others (your friend, sister/brother or perhaps parents). I’m telling you, this person gonna make your free time fully loaded. Spend time with that person and enjoy your ‘together’ times.

2) Go for ‘Girls Outing’ or ‘Boys Outing’. Girls, how about go shopping with your girl friends??? And of course gossiping about idols, eating at your favourite place, or perhaps chit-chatting about how bad guys are?? Hehe..=) And boys, why don’t you go for camping?? Or watching soccer?? Or fishing?? Ok, I don’t know what guys do in ‘Boys Outing”…hehe

3) It’s MY time!!! Yes, it’s ‘I, ME, AND MYSELF’ time. Actually, spending time alone is not as pathetic as it seems. Yes, sometimes when you go out alone, you kinda feels like people watching you with this ‘Poor her, eating alone…’ sort of things. If you really think you’re pathetic being alone, then you’re pathetic. But if you think “I’m here all by myself, so what?? At least, I’m enjoying my time..”, then being alone is the best!! And of course, it’s time to pamper your self. Go for spa, go for vacation or at least take a novel, and read.

4) LOVE yourself. I believe that when you love yourself, you’ll have this confidence in you. It’s like ‘whatever happened, I’ll be fine..’ feeling. So, single or double, I’ll be fine!! And please, if you break up or something, don’t do something stupid i.e. commits suicide. “If you’re alive, there will be happiness waiting for you…” This is from One Piece movie. Can you believe that?? We can actually have this philosophical-type sentence from OP..hehe..

So, people..what do you think?? Maybe some of you won’t really agree with me. After all, all of us has our own way of thinking, right?

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  1. So true for what you had wrote! I don't understand why some of us, especially girls think that men are everything in their life!!

    Hey you girls out there, open your eyes and see what is in front of you! Get a life and don't wait for a guy to come and cheer you! Be a strong girl, because you have family and friends who love you the most!

  2. yup, i agree with you. i really don't understand either. it's not like we HAVE to have a BF/GF to go on with our life. our life is our life!! so we need to treasure it a lot!!