~Sentuhan Kasih aka Touch of Love~

This novel by Malaysian very own famous author, Norhayati Berahim is definitely the best!!! It is my all time favorite and takes the first place in my list..=)

The story involves Inas, a very kind woman who was forced to marry a guy because of her father’s debt. Being a good daughter, she accepted her father’s decision without knowing that the guy was already married. The truth about her husband’s status was revealed one week after their marriage. Not wanting to be the second wife and hurting other woman’s heart, she asked for a divorce and then flees to Norway, the place where she used to study.

Norway became the witness for Inas’s beautiful encounter with Zakry Edite, a very successful Malaysian young businessman. Without knowing that Zakry Edite was her secret admirer since years ago, Inas befriended him. And due to certain circumstances, they got married; in name only. Sadly for Zakry, Inas has never sees him more than a friend and a savior. For Inas, Zakry was someone that could never be reached as he was too bright in his own world. Zakry was handsome (he’s mix between Malay and English), very rich, brilliant and kind-hearted. He was a complete opposite of Inas; a poor widow. However, for Zakry, Inas was the only woman for him; the one and only love of his life.

What I like about this novel?
The storyline, the character of both Inas and Zakry Edite and of course the location!!

The different between ‘Sentuhan Kasih’ and other typical marriage-in-name only story is their relationship; a very beautiful relationship based on trust, respect, appreciation and love. Not even once lust and disrespect came in between them. And as we read, we will be absorbed into how Inas’s feeling grows for her husband and how Zakry Edite loves her and watches over her. And we will definitely fall for Zakry Edite. I just love him!!! He’s like the perfect man!! He’s so patient, never forcing Inas to accept him as her husband. And even when he got jealous, he would never ever hurt Inas. He would control his feelings and never let his emotions posses him…(definitely different from pra’ek in lakorn…haha!!)

And the location….well, it’s Norway!!! Ok, ok..it’s not like I can see the location, but I definitely can imagine it. The way Norhayati Berahim described the location is perfect!! No wonder she’s one of the best author in Malaysia…=) She made me want to go to Norway badly…hehe..

So last but not least, a little romantic words for you…hehe..=)

“You came into my life like an angel,
You conquer my heart and soul with your magic touch of love,
And because of you, I know what love is…”
(Sara, 05/10/10)

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  1. I still don't know what love is. I mean between adam and hawa.


  2. haha, that's for u 2 find out yourself, dear...once u find the right person..=)