Life is Unexpected....

Being the only working woman in my house, with final semester students as my housemates, I can see how stressed they are. And it made me think…”was I that stressed during my final sem in uni.?” And then they keep asking me what to do after graduation? Is it better for them to pursue their study? Or is it better to work first? Or perhaps both at the same time??

And all I can say is “Everything depends on you. I cannot decide for you, but you have to think of the pros and cons for every decision you going to make.”

Yes, I know. It is such an ordinary advice. But for me, that’s the first step in shaping your life after you graduated. You made plan based on the pros and cons, and then you take action. And whether or not for you to stick on the plan until the end is another story because life is unexpected. Sometimes, we have to change our original plan depending on the situations and opportunities. And it is very important to be flexible and open-minded for sometimes what we get is not what we have in mind.

Honestly, that was exactly what happened to me. When I was in final sem in uni, I planned to work 3 months after my final exam. I just wanted to have long vacation to be with my family and I wanted to take driving classes and get my driving license. I planned to work for 2 years before pursuing my study in oversea. But then, everything changed. I got offer from my lecturer to be his assistant 2 weeks before my final exam and I had to start working one week after I finished my exam. So, there goes my long vacation…lost!!! But, it was an opportunity that I just have to grab. And because of that, I got to know so many new people and gain lots of experiences. I was thankful, very much…

And as of today, my new career is also something that I’ve never planned. I don’t even know that this career; executive of scientific standards exists!! When I uploaded my information in the company’s database, what I had in mind was being a research officer. But as I told you before, sometimes what we get is not what we had in mind. When the people from the company informed me to go to the interview, I decided to go and again grabbed the opportunity. Alhamdulillah, I got accepted. So, how about my ‘working for 2 years before pursuing my study’ plans? Well, obviously my plans have been changed…AGAIN... And I accepted these changes with my full heart for I know that this is a once in lifetime opportunity and being able to be here is what I called…LUCKY

So, people…make plan for you cannot live aimlessly, be open-minded and change the plan if you have to, accept whatever God had for us for He knows what’s the best for us and please be happy…=)

~Life is about CHOICE, you choose and you LIVE with it. So, choose the best, do it and do it WELL…~

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