Teenager vs. adult??

When I celebrated my 20th birthday, I told my family and friend…"Oh, no!!!! I’ve lost the no. 1 in front of my age and I’m an adult..."

Yes, I think when people get into 20 yrs old; we are actually welcoming ourselves into adulthood. Want it or not, we are now an adult and have to be responsible for everything we do (though legally, we are considered as adult when we are 21 yrs old..)

The transition from being teenagers to adults is definitely not easy. Teen years are the years where we actually searching for our own identity. And of course, being teenagers are ‘scary’. Teens are not children, and not yet young adults. So, where do we stand? Teens are between the sweet innocence of childhood and the responsible maturity of adulthood. This is the time where we tend to tell our parents that we are big enough to take care of ourselves, and yet we are so vulnerable to the harsh realities of the world. We are confronted with stresses that a child does not face, such as sex, drugs, and violence. Yet we do not have to shoulder the responsibilities of adulthood. This struggle between having to grow up too fast to the negative realities without having to shoulder the positive, character building responsibilities is what being a TEENAGER.

And when we are still in the process of adapting ourselves in the “teenhood”, we suddenly celebrate our 20th birthday, and then we find ourselves in the era of adulthood. We started to think that time flies too fast, and we are not yet ready to be an ADULT. To make matters worse, the word ‘responsibilities’ came into the picture, demanding us to be responsible on every action we take and indirectly place a burden onto our shoulder. And without us realizing it, we started to think about career, money, marriage or even kids.

“What should I do to have good career?”
“Do I have to do extra job to gain extra money?”
“I want to get marry before 30, so I have to have stable life before that…”

Actually, it’s easier to ignore whatever responsibilities put on us. We can be jobless and depend on our old parents for money; we can get married even without stable life; we can have kids even without marriage; we can do whatever we want to do without thinking of others. After all, our life is our life. But what would happen then? People kill their own family for money, dumping babies as if they are rubbish, husbands abusing their wives, kids became beggars on the cold streets and so much more ‘harsh realities of today’s world’ list.

So, yes, it’s not easy to be a teenager and it’s definitely not easy to be an adult. I think the only thing we can do is to prepare ourselves to the best. It is indeed impossible to be 100% ready; either to be a teen or to be an adult but at least we have to try and holds on our principles. And of course, follow the guidance from our religion and from our parents. I believe that one’s religion, parents and principles determine how we are as a teenager and how we are as an adult.

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