Life is A Rainbow with Streaks of Grey

What is life?? Years ago I was asked by my pen pal. She had this hobby of asking people on their meaning of life and she will write it in a notebook. It is such an interesting hobby, right? Perhaps I should do that, too…hehe..=) I don’t remember my answer at that time, but if someone asks me again, my answer would be….

Life is A Rainbow with Streaks of Grey

Life is amazing, don’t you think so? Even to be able to live is an amazing thing. Because when you’re alive, you can do things that you want to do, you can meet people, you can love and be loved, or at least you can hope. For me, life without hope is not a life. It is HOPE that makes us strives for the best. It is HOPE that makes us keep telling ourselves not to give up and not to quit…

And life is just like a rainbow; so colorful. Perhaps only those optimistic people think so, though. And I am definitely one of them….hehe…=) Sometimes life can be as serene as blue ocean or green forest. And when you are happy, don’t you think of summer or spring?? So, life could be as yellow as summer or as colorful as flower bed. And when you fall in love, I think the color would be red. Love can be as passionate as flaming red. And that’s why the color of heart is red. In life, it’s important to be positive and it’s more important to hold your loved ones close to your heart. Being positive and to be able to love means smile. Believe me, being able to smile (I mean real smile, not fake smile) is one of the greatest thing in life because it means one thing…Happiness…

Life is like a rollercoaster. In life, there are always ups and downs. I think the down times represent the color of grey; a color full of darkness, sorrow, loneliness, anger, regret or even hatred. And why grey, not black? Grey is a combination of black and white. So, if we wipe out the black, there will be white color; just like problems and solutions. There’s always a reason behind everything and there’s always a solution behind a problem. All we need to do is to be strong and to ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, right? And believe that “Allah tidak akan memberikan dugaan yang tidak mampu dihadapi kepada umat-Nya..” (God will not give challenges that cannot be faced by human being). When He presents us with challenges, then that means we can overcome them…

We live our life just once, so let’s live to the fullest!!! After all, Life is A Rainbow with Streaks of Grey…=)


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