I can't wait for this!!!!

~Mary Stayed Out All Night~

OMG!!! I so cannot wait for this!!! It’s my fave Moon Geun-yung and my heartthrob Kim Jae Wook!!! And of course it’s everyone’s fave Jang Geun Suk!!
Ok, this is perfect…just PERFECT!!

When I found out that MGY and JGS would act together, I was like.."Yay!!!! Finally!!" Seriously, I’ve always wanted them to be paired together. It would be epic!! My lovely MGY and JGS together??? It just...WOW!!!! My dream came true…haha!!

~Jang Geun Suk~

~Ms Lovely, Moon Geun Young~

And guess what!! When I first saw Jung In image in the manga, I automatically saw Kim Jae Wook. I told my sis that Jung In is definitely Hong Taesung (KJW role in Bad Guy). The way he looks, the way he dresses, even the way he sits and walks perfectly fit KJW. And when they announced that the third main cast in Mary Stayed Out All Night would be him, I screamed with joy!! I was right!!! Even the producer knew that nobody else is perfect for the role. Give me five, Mr. Producer!!!! Haha!! =)

~My forever heartthrob, Kim Jae Wook~
My heart almost popped out when i first saw this...haha!!

~KJW as Hong Taesung~
kyaa!!!! =)

Owh!! I am seriously hyper-excited with this drama. I’ve never been this anticipated for such a long time, oops..not a long time, actually..hehe..(I was super excited when I found out about Cherry and Mart’s new lakorn 3 months ago). So, people….let us wait for Nov. 8th!!!

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