And they lived happily ever after….

Whether it’s a Cinderella or Snow White or Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty, every fairytales that I ever heard or read ended with the beautiful phrase…

"And they lived happily ever after…"

Now, let’s think about this; did Cinderella really fall for her prince after their waltz? Did Snow White really fall in love with some sort of prince who kisses her and claims to be her savior? And of course the same goes to Sleeping Beauty. I think the only maiden that really did fall for her prince is Bella in Beauty and the Beast. We can actually see how their love developed instead of just a random kiss and then…ta da!! 'I fall for you and you fall for me' scene. By the way, if I were Bella, I would fall for Beast too. Who could resist the kind and charming Beast?? Hehe…=)

I read a new version of Cinderella few years back, when I was in university. It was “Ella” and surprisingly I really..really love the book. It’s a 100% twist of the original story. Ella did not have a fairy godmother, she did not ride a pumpkin-turned-golden carriage to the castle and she definitely not in love with the prince. In fact, she totally loathed him as he turned out to be a total jerk. I repeat…a total jerk!! He was so arrogant, self-centered, cruel and heartless. He kept her in prison and tortured her when she refused to marry him and starved her so that she maintained slim. What kind of a person does that?? You starve a girl because you want her to be slim? That’s totally sick!! And the worst past is that he was not even in love with her! He wanted to marry her because she was beautiful. It’s like…"She’s beautiful, she must be mine and she’ll be my perfect trophy wife…" Ok, that’s one sick so-called prince charming.

And how about a new version of Beauty and the Beast? I read one and the title is “Beauty”. And this Bella in “Beauty” is not beautiful at all. Well, she used to be beautiful when she was little hence giving her the famous nickname. But then she grows up being not beautiful. She was short, not fair and boyish. She was very kind-hearted though. Kind enough to sacrifice for her family and went to stay with the ugly-looking, scary Beast. Beast, on contrary turned out to be very gentleman though a little bit possessive of his Bella. Even from the start, he was deeply in love with her. It was a first sight love for him. He treated her like his lady and actually confessed to her. He waited patiently for her answer and always looked at her with longing eyes. And he was so cute when he was jealous!! Wait! Did I mention about the other man? Well, there was this one man from the village who likes Bella. He was the bad guy and did everything he could to separate the both of them.

But of course, love could conquer all...for Beauty’s heart was only for the Beast. And for Ella, her heart was only meant for one man and that would be her childhood friend who went to war.

Guess the ending for both “Ella” and “Beauty”?!! It was……

"And they lived happily ever after…"

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