2000’s generation child

I was informed by my 6-yr old brother recently, that he wanted to be a scientist when he grows up. And when I asked him why, he told me that “Hakeem rasa Hakeem berfikir secara saintifik.” (I think the way I think is very scientific). And I was like..“Huh?? A 6-yr old boy actually thinks that the way he thinks is very scientific?” Wait!! When I was 6, did I actually even know the existence of the ‘scientific’ word?

I guess that’s the difference between the 80’s generation and the 2000’s. If I’m not mistaken I can only remember the names of all planets when I was 10, thanks to the science subject and until today, I still cannot remember the flags of all countries in the whole world. But my 6 and 8-yr old brothers can even tell me the differences between each planet in the universe, the now extinct animals even from the stone ages, and the color of flags of almost all countries or at least, of the popular countries. I can even have a chat with them about US military jet or about astronauts. And sometimes they even teach me about some application in my laptop or in my new hand phone. Wow!!! That’s a 2000’s generation child!!

It’s definitely different from my time of being a child. And I’m not even too old for them!! I’m 15 and 17 years older than them. I don’t think the age gap is too huge. But when I talked to them, they made me feel as if I came from the 50’s generation…haha!! I think today’s generation are very advanced in terms of knowledge, mentality, intelligence and of course technology. If not, how come my 3-yr old cousin using computer and actually good at it??

~Hakeem, my cutie-pie..hehe~

~My lovely hero, Anas...hehe ~

p/s: I love you, darling...mmmmmmmmmuahhh!!! =)

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