my latest craziness n madness!!!

somebody told me this....."sara, sara...u and ur madness!!!!" (i considered that as a compliment...hahaha!!)
i guess that what makes me....ME...
and my latest craziness is......LAKORNS!!!!
ok, i've wrote about one lakorn already...Autumn Destiny, waaaaaaa!!! i haven't watch it...=(
seriously!! why is it so hard to get lakorn with English subs???
though there are so many good lakorns which worth watching...

actually, if you know'll know just how much i love j-doramas and k-dramas, but it seems to me that i've turned into a lakorn fanatic...hahaha!!!
am i getting bored with all the korean stuffs??? nope, i don't think so...maybe i need a little bit of change...=)

here are the list of lakorns that i love...
1) Kaew Tah Pee (i watched this 2 years ago, my heartthrob Tik is in it and of course i went 'kya!!!!' everytime i saw him...hehe)
2) Love Rotation (first time watching Weir in lakorn, and i can't believe he's only 25!!!)
3) Oum Ruk (Noi's husband, Ken is such a cutie)
4) Sawan Biang (Ken is such a sadistic guy, he scared the hell out of me as Khawee..)
5) Love in Shadow (can u imagine that Techit is only 20 and Nawa is only 18 in real life???? They surely make me feel so old...haha!!)
6) Mae Ka Khanom Wan (my fave Cherry is here!!! )
7) Likit Khammatep (first time watching Mart and Anne together..)
8) Jam Leuy Rak (at first i don't like Aum but he's not too bad...hehe..)

these are the latest lakorns that i watched...
hmmmmm, should i include the old ones too??? need, ne??

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  1. sara, lakorns 2 ape snany?


  2. lakorn tu thai drama...
    ala, cm citer 'the princess' and oso 'soda and ice tea'...
    hero citer 2 nmnyer Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee...
    kekasih sy yg dh kawen....hahaha!!!