miss u, dear!!!

It's almost 3 months since i last wrote here....
boy, how i miss writing here...hehe..=)

so, here i am....wait, what to write???
omo!!! last night i thought i have so many things to write...things that happened to me for the last 3 months....but now, what should i write???
ok, major things that happened are.....
ta da!!!!!!

1) Green Technology Expo
2) KL Trip
3)R16 B-Boy Contest
4) Korean Wave Contest
5) Sg. Chilling Trip
5) My driving license (finally!!!!! i got one!!!)
6) Tioman Island Trip
7) my latest craziness

am i really going to write about everything that i listed above???
hahaha!!! of course not....i'm not too insane to actually do that...
one thing for sure, i'm so excited to write about my latest craziness!!!!
and that would be in the next entry...

so till then!!!! =)

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  1. sara, xmo g beast? msg ak klu ko bmnt~

  2. beast 2 concert ke???
    klu concert cm x leh jer...huhu