Kaew Tah Pee aka The Apple of My Eye

As you might have known, i'm currently too into lakorns that i feel like watching, talking, writing about lakorn every single minute...

Ok, ok...i'm exaggerating, haha!! Never mind, i still want to write about Kaew Tah Pee aka The Apple of My Eye, my favorite lakorn!!!

~Kaew Tah Pee~

See the Pra'ek??? Remember him???

Yes, he's the main guy in "The Princess" and "Soda and Ice Tea", two most popular lakorns in Malaysia. I still remember how my friends and I were soooooo into "The Princess". When was it?? I think it was aired in Malaysia in 2004, and actually cried when he died, i was like...."Why he had to die??? Huhu..." Oh, yeah!!! His name is Tik Jesdaporn Pholdee (i hope i spell his name right, hehe..) and he's my all time favorite Pra'ek!!

Ok, back to KTP, Tik is the Pra'ek and Cherry is the Nang'ek. For those who doesn't know, Pra'ek is the term for the main guy or 'hero' and Nang'ek is for the main girl or 'heroin'....

So, here's the synopsis.....

Chisanu (Tik) is a blind man who lose his love after he got into a car accident which makes him blind and his girlfriend leaves him to marry another man. One day, he meets a pretty kindergarten teacher, Nathlada (Cherry) who just lose her love and almost commit suicide. She changes her mind after she sees a hopeful blind man like him. She thinks he is a poor fisherman. Her kindness touch his heart and he doesn't want to lose her again, so he proposes her to marry him and she agrees even though she thinks he is a poor blind fisherman. After their marriage and she knows the truth, they go to France to have a surgery. However, Chisanu's ex girlfriend wants to return and does everything to separate them...

and some pics....

~Tik is so handsome, ne??? hehe..~

this is one of my fave scene, love it when Nathlada comes running to him and hugged him...sooooo sweeeeeet!!!

~the bathroom scene, love the way he teased his wife~

~i hate it when pra'ek does not believe his own wife...see, you make her cry and you ended up crying too...huhu...~

~sweet scenes!!!!!!~

so, why did i love this lakorn so much???

no. 1 is of course because of Khun Tik...after all he's my heartthrob..hahaha!!
ok, ok...he's not the only reason..
i love the storyline, actually...

it's not like some stereotype lakorn (which basically involving pra'ek taking revenge on nang'ek for things that has nothing to do with her, treating her like trash and ended up falling for her)
KTP is not like normal slap and kiss lakorn so for me, it's fresh and different...=)

and one more thing, i love how Chisanu pretending to be blind (he can see after the surgery, but pretending to be blind to test his wife) and takes advantage on his wife....

he pretends to fall on his wife when he actually wanted to give a good morning kiss...
teasing her because she blushed easily...
and pretends to sleep when he intentionally hugged her on bed....
isn't he sweet???? hehe....

I tried to look for the trailer with English subs, but cannot find one. So, here is a MV made by Wishboniko. Hope you can have a little view on what KTP is all about...=)

~Credits to Wishboniko~

Oh, yeah!!! Did i mentioned that 80% of this lakorn was filmed in France???
The locations were awesome!!!!!

Link to this lakorn:

P/s: I do not own the pics and video, credits to the original owners

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  1. Hai, may I know how to download this drama? only available in youtube?