If I ever knew that love could be this painful

I would rather seal my heart and be alone

Never to love

And never to be loved

Then, why doesn’t I feel regret of meeting you

And fall for you

You are the best gift in my life

Though this love I have for you is hurting me

And hurting you

It’s painful to say this

But the truth is

Destiny had us met just to part us away

We are never meant to be together

And it is because I love you that I’m letting you go

All I wanted is your forever happiness

I won’t placed you in my mind

Because I know one day my mind will forget you

Instead I’ll seal your name in my heart

For I know my heart will never betray me

Even if I can’t remember my own name

My heart would never let you go

Good bye is one way to say I love you

So, let us say Good Bye…

~Sara Aisha; 04/03/10~

p/s: i used to write a lot (poems and stories) and this is one of my own poems...

yeah, i know it's too 'romantic' and it gives goosebumps, but what to do???

after all, i'm a romantic girl...hahaha..=)

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  1. this piece ko tls??
    siyes ak suka gila.
    blh buat lyric lagu. anta kat 2am suh depa nyanyi. huhu..

    p/s: true story ke ni?;P


  2. hehe, x caya ek sy blh tulis cm ni???
    tp ini mmg karya nukilan sy yg asli...hehe..
    thx sbb suker..=)
    n iyelar, mmg ptt bg 2am nyanyi...
    blh mintak royalti byak...hehe..

    p/s: ini adalah rekaan semata-mata....hehe