We Got Married

in the history of We Got Married (WGM), i think Jo Kwon-Ga In couple is the best!!! (i watched them only, actually...hehe...)
known as the Adam couple, they are indeed the cutest couple and the funniest one, i think...

even though, Jo Kwon is younger than Ga In, he played the role of husband very well...
he took care of her, pampered her (sometimes), scolded her (in a very cute way) and being absolutely jealousy (he's a very adorable jealousy husband...hehe..)
and as for Ga In, she's a good wife to Jo Kwon, i think....
even though she's a nuna to Jo Kwon, she still seems younger...
i think it's because of her character, which basically opposite of her husband's...
sometimes, she's matured...sometimes, she's childish...=)

~Adam couple: Jo Kwon - Ga In-~

ehhhhhhhhhhhh??? they got baby already??? hahahaha..=)

~papa Jo Kwon~

do you who's the latest couple for WGM????
Jung Yonghwa (C.N. Blue) and Seohyun (SNSD)!!!!
their first episode will be broadcast on the 27th...
and they made the record of being the youngest couple in WGM...
Yonghwa is only 20 and his bride-to-be is only 18!!!
omo!! you're going to get married at such young age???

so, what do you think of this new couple??
both of them are quiet type and shy, so are they going to be the 'Quiet couple'??
honestly, i'm not sure whether they can be as amazing as our Adam couple, but i'm looking forward to see our Yonghwa as a husband...hehe..=)
if he is as gentleman as Kang Shin Woo, then Seohyun will be the happiest wife in the whole world!!! *_*

~Yonghwa & Seohyun~

p/s: somehow, i feel like a mother whose son is getting married...hehehe..=)

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