TVXQ another record...yay!!!! *_*

~Five angels of TVXQ~

TVXQ surpasses Bon Jovi & breaks another record!

Looks like another major record has been broken by one of the most successful boy band in Asia!

On the 22nd, TVXQ has sold approximately 413,000 copies of their Best Selection 2o10 album. The album now has the most sales ever for a foreign group in the Japanese music industry. They broke the previous record that was held by American band, Bon Jovi, who had sold 379,000 copies of their album G’s Days. The record hasn’t been broken in 14 years, making this accomplishment even more significant for the Korean group.

The album count will keep rising, as it wasn’t long since it’s release. Let’s see if they can reach the… 1 million sales mark!

~credits: Allkpop~

Again!!!! TVXQ proved that they are indeed the best of the best!!!! =)

TVXQ, saranghae!!!!! hehe...

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