To Act Like Nothing is Wrong

~ TOP - To Act Like Nothing is Wrong (The Big Show) ~

p/s: credit goes to the owner of this video (taken from YouTube)

the best TOP solo song!!!!!
the song suits TOP's voice very well, and the lyric is so touchy...
how come a rap-based song could be this sweet??
or is it because i'm a fan of TOP... which makes me think that anything that has something to do with him is the best???? hehehe...=)
and the best scene in the video is when TOP started to rap...
yeah, it's when we heard the siren sounds and then TOP looked back and then...
booom!!!! he started to rap!!!
i truly think that is the most amazing way of rapping...wearing such tux and moving his hands and feet like that...
it just...amazing!!!

honestly, i've never liked rap songs before this...
seriously!!! what kind of music is that???
i guess that's what i think back then...
and then i started to listen to 'Lies' from Big Bang and unexpectedly, i like the rap part to the point that i listened to it many times in a day..
i think it was at the time when 'Lies' was released, hmm...was it 2 yrs ago??
so, i guess that's the start of me being a Big Bang fan...hehe..=)

finally, Big Bang fighting!!!! hahaha...=)

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