sara and her 'fanatic'sm to k-pop...

~my korean songs folder~

one thing that can best described me is my 'fanatic'sm to k-pop...
i know there's no such word as 'fanatic'sm but i seriously think that word is d best for me...hehehe..

so, let's see my k-pop folder:

1. 2AM
2. 2PM
3. 8Eight
4. B2ST (Beast)
5. Big Bang
6. C.N. Blue
7. DNT
8. FCuz
9. FT Island
10. I the Tri Tops
11. Kim Jeong Hoon + Wheesung
12. Korean mp3
13. Lee Seung Gi
15. OST albums
16. Park Tae Jin
17. Red Soul
18. SG Wannabe
19. SHINee
20. Shinjae
21. SS501
22. Super Junior
23. Taegoon
24. TRAX
25. TVXQ
26. U-Kiss
27. Wonder Girls
28. ZE-A (Child of Empire)

overall, my k-pop folder is 19.7 GB, 2281 files and 230 folders and among this 19.7 GB,
9.5 GB is only for TVXQ folder...hehehe...
after all, TVXQ comes at d first place in my list...=)

and believe me, this list is going to get increased by time....
well, i do have some more in mind to add...hehehe...

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