LOVE..part 2

what do you think when your parents keep saying 'NO' to you whenever you want to do something?? and the reasons are:

1. you're a girl
2. it's not good for you
3. we're your parents

i know that sometimes you will feel dissatisfied (the same goes to me..hehe), but if we think it over and over...there is definitely a good reason for their 'NO'
and i think it's all because of LOVE

my father, for example...i think 'NO' is his fave. word...hehe...
it's a 'NO' if you want to climb Mt. Kinabalu
it's a 'NO' if you want to do part-time when you were study
and it's definitely a 'NO' for you to have a BF when you're still a student
seriously!! the boys in my class were all scared of my 'papa'..hehe..
and until today, i still have no idea why they have to feel that way...
papa is not scary...he is actually funny...hehe..=)

i think being a father of FIVE daughters makes him become as strict as that...
even to raise one daughter is not, FIVE???
hmm...we can imagine how difficult it would be, ne??
and being protective is what a father should be..

so a father's love = being strict and protective???

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  1. then it is a YES to have a BF now. apa lagi, pi carilah?:P


  2. amboi!!! ckp cm senang je...
    mn nk crk??? sume crush sy jauh sgt..nun di korea n japan...hehe

  3. carijelah kat sana. it a small world afterall:P