~Love Yourself~

~Kat-tun: Love Yourself~

nowadays, i've been so into k-pop that i almost forget my old 'craziness'...j-pop!!!!
and Kat-tun was definitely one of my crush(s)..hehe..=)
listening to their songs, watching their videos, enjoying Cartoon Kat-tun...
and going crazy over them!!!!
well, that was months ago....
so, i didn't even know that Kat-tun has new album...
hmmm..how could i not know about that??
Gomen, ne...Junno..(he's my fave..hehe..=))

thanks to Johny's Countdown Concert, i got to know about Jin's Bandage and while looking for it, i found 'Love Yourself'
this is the soundtrack for Kame's new drama (still watching it)...
and if you know Kat-tun's songs, you will realized that this new song is a little bit different from their other songs...
well, the Kat-tun concept is still there...but...hmmm, how should i describe??
it's more techno??

and their looks...
sorry, jin...i don't like your new style..hehe..i guess i still like your 'Gokusen 2' hairstyle..
kame looks a little chubbier, which is very good for him (i used to think he's skinny), but that mouth jacket is a little bit....weird??
ueda...still cute as ever.....you really didn't change much, ne? always with your cardigan...
maru...as innocent as always...the Rescue hairstyle is definitely the best for you...=)
and lastly!!! my fave of all...junno!!!! he's definitely the hottest..hehe...
love his new hair, i've always like his hairstyle...whether it's blonde as in Yukan Club or just simple black...=)

p/s: must find time to watch 'Cartoon KAT-TUN'

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