home sweet home....

~my sweet home~

in malay, there's a saying 'rumahku syurgaku' (my home my heaven)..
my heaven? that's remind me of Big Bang 'My heaven', i like that song
.. it is such a lovely song, but of course i love 'Let me hear ur voice' more..
oh, my!! sara, u r supposed to write about ur home, not Big Bang...hehe..

my sweet home..yup, my home..d sweetest home..so yes, it is indeed my heaven...
today, i'm in d mood of talking (or rather writing) about my home because i'm home!!!
it has been 3 months since d last time i went back home so i was kinda miss my home and everyone at home soooooooo much...
i guess that's what becomes to u when u actually have half a dozen little brothers and sisters and u get used to having noise around u, and when they r not with u, u will feel.....hmmm, weird??? for sure, u'll miss d chaos...=)

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  1. next raya ak nk pi uma hang!


  2. blh2!!! sile lar b'kunjung ke rmh sy...hehe..=)