Autumn Destiny

~Tai Fah Tawan Diew aka Autumn Destiny~

i really want to watch this!!!!!!!!!
it is definitely a must-see lakorn...
well, the plot is basically a typical slap and kiss but this one is soooooo special....
well, the answers are....

1. Ryan of Paran (my fave of Paran)
2. Mario Maurer (i have to admit that he's still a cutie despite his controversy..hehe..)
3. Eli (Kyoung Jae) of U-Kiss
4. Kim Kibum of U-Kiss (not Kibum SuJu, ok...hehe..)
5. Lee Hae Woo (he was in BOF, the one who drugged Jandi in 4th episode)

so, yes...this one is a Korea-Thai drama
and the main character is actually Mario, though i put him at no. 2 (i like Ryan better...hehe...)
and the lucky girl that got to be with all those hot guys is.......
Chat Pariyachat!!!!
i don't know her so i can't write anything about her but she's pretty and she looked so cute with Ryan...i honestly thinks they made perfect couple...

~i know they are fake reading, but they are actually laughing over a finance textbook??? hehe..~

~Wendy and Jung Min~

so, what's their relationship in this lakorn?
well, Wendy (Chat) met her first love Jung Min (Ryan) while studying in America. He wants to marry her but her family disapproves because they hate Koreans. The hidden back-story of her life is that she is really half Korean / Thai...

and the relationship between Wendy and Minho???

well, Wendy (Chat) is looking for her long-lost Korean father who abandoned her mother years ago..and then we got this Mario guy (Kim Minho) out for revenge on Wendy because her biological father caused his father to die...
i bet he hates her at first, and then fall for her...
and in the end...we got slap and kiss...hehe...=)

more pics....



~Lee Hae Woo~

~don't you think Mario looks so cute in pink Hanbook??? hehe...~

~Autumn Destiny~

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    1. boleh saya tahu, kalau nak tengok drama ni melalui subtitle bahasa inggeris , nak tengok kat mana yea?....kalau saudari tahu....